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BJJ Techniques – Waiter Sweep

Waiter Sweep BJJ Technique Pro Commentary By ROBERT EZZELL

Waiter Sweep – Knee Shield – Under Hook and Half Guard Position Techniques

Lucas Valle is a young competitive black belt from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He teaches in New Hampshire at a school called START Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He’s had success at competing and often uses the waiter sweep during his matches. Lucas demonstrates his version of a waiter sweep on Bernardo Faria in this video.

Lucas starts the setup for the waiter sweep in the half guard position. He starts with his left leg acting as a knee shield, and then he moves his left knee he to come underneath Bernardo for the left under hook. Once he’s established the under hook, Lucas dives his right arm deep under Bernardo’s left leg. He then uses his left under hook to push Bernardo and get underneath him even further reaching the deep half guard position. Lucas also uses the lapel with his right hand to secure the under hook even further.

Next he swings his legs out that are wrapped around Bernardo’s right leg, and he brings the leg toward his body to get up to his shoulder. Lucas also uses that left hand to grab the right sleeve. Then he kicks his legs up and back down take Bernardo over for the sweep. Once he’s on top, Lucas releases the leg to begin passing the guard. The waiter sweep is an old school sweep from half guard that is still effective in today’s jiu jitsu scene.

– Robert Ezzell, Contributing Writer

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