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BJJ Techniques – JT Torres Clock Choke

Clock Choke BJJ Technique Pro Commentary By ROBERT EZZELL

Clock Choke – Gripping and Crucifix Position Techniques

JT Torres has had a successful career at black belt with notable wins in Worlds and Pan Am Nogi Championships. In 2014 he won gold at The American Nationals, and he won gold by using a clock choke.

JT demonstrates a clock choke from when your opponent takes the defensive turtle position, and he starts with keeping his right hip connected to their hip. He also starts the position with his right hand on the inside of his opponent’s right thigh to keep control of the lower half of the body.

He starts the choke by bringing his left hand inside the collar and underneath the chin. Then the right hand leaves the thigh and moves to his opponent’s right hand. He uses the grip on the hand to collapse the hand underneath his own body. Once the hand is collapsed, the head will also come closer towards the ground as well.

Then he moves the right hip from his opponent’s hip to the back of their neck. To finish the choke, he keeps moving and walking over the top of the head. The pressure on top of the head and the pull from the left arm creates the choke.

JT also shows a variation of when your opponent try to roll out of the choke. When the opponent begins to roll, Jt ducks his head to roll with them. Then he opens his legs to catch the crucifix position trapping the left arm between his legs in a figure four position. Next he arches his back to bring his opponent’s body over his own. To help solidify the choke, he brings the right arm behind the neck to grab his own forearm. Finally he continues the arch to finish the choke.

– Robert Ezzell, Contributing Writer

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