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Human CBD Oil Basics

Human CBD Oil Basics, CBD Chemistry

Understanding CBD Oil Basics

CBD or Cannibidiol is a hemp based or cannabis based compound that many feel offers significant health benefits. For the purposes of this article we are focused on US Grown Hemp rather than Marijuana as legal Hemp based CBD can be shipped to all 50 states now.

There is no “high” associated with Hemp based CBD Oil, yet the plant still delivers the full spectrum of cannabinoids or may be isolated to deliver only CBD. Most find that CBD oil containing all the plant based products does a more effective job of providing maximum benefit from use.

Full Spectrum CBD also contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber.

These characteristics make Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil an appealing choice for many looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety and other conditions without feelings of lethargy or tiredness.

Scientific research and Clinical Research, much of it under Government sponsorship, shows CBD’s potential to treat a variety of human as well as conditions. As more studies come out you should make sure to think about CBD for personal use.

Purity is always a concern with any product. The best CBD Oil producers like Receptra Naturals have their own labs to extract the oil and do exhausting testing to provide the purest hemp CBD available.  Every batch has a unique number printed on the product that lets the consumer view the lab test results of the oil they are using.

CBD Oil has evolved quickly over the span of just a few years from a crude extract to one of the most pure forms through constant improvements and evolution in the extraction processes.

You may be among many that are not aware of CBD and the benefits it offers.

Think about the amount of over the counter products you may take now for general pain relief, stiffness, sleep, and more conditions that CBD Oil may help.

Consider trying a quality product like Receptra Naturals CBD for one month and find out if it benefits your health and wellness needs.