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BJJ Techniques – Half Guard Pass

Half Guard Pass BJJ Technique Pro Commentary By ROBERT EZZELL

Half Guard Pass – Cross Face Pressure and Mount Position Techniques

John Danaher is pioneer in the jiu jitsu community, and he is most well known for his knowledge of the leg lock game. He has created a team of high level competitors who now are among the best in the world and also has trained top mma fighters as well. Danaher teaches a half guard pass that Bj Penn used throughout his mma career successfully using it to win many fights. Bj used the pass to either obtain mount or the back position to give him an opportunity to finish the fight.

To start the technique Danaher addresses his opponent’s posture by getting a left under hook and posting his right hand on the mat. Then he puts his head on the right side of his opponent’s head while walking towards the same direction. Once his right leg is posted on the ground, he uses his right arm to push the half guard open freeing his knee.

Then he puts his right arm behind the neck to apply cross face pressure while turning his right hip towards the ground. The pressure of the cross face and turning the hip will free his leg from half guard. When the leg is freed from half guard, it allows him to take the mount position. The mount position is one of the most effective finishing positions not only in jiu jitsu but especially in mma.

– Robert Ezzell, Contributing Writer

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