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BJJ Techniques – Half Guard Escape

BJJ Technique Pro Commentary By ROBERT EZZELL

Half Guard Escape – Pressure Passing and Side Control Techniques

Kurt Osiander is an American black belt under the legendary Ralph Gracie. He’s known for his colorful personality, his cult like following, and also his old school pressure style.

Kurt shows a half guard escape in this video that is based on pressure passing. The pressure allows him to control his opponent, move his partner’s head away and also give him the opportunity to escape the half guard. He starts the pass by pummeling under his partner’s arm with his right arm grabbing inside of the back of the collar with his fingers. Then he pummels through with his left arm to allow him to drop his shoulder in his partner’s face. The shoulder in the face creates a tremendous amount of pressure, and it makes them turn their face away from you.

He keeps the pressure with his shoulder & head while opening his stance wide with his left leg. Then he begins to scoop the right arm of his partner while turning his right hip to the floor. If his partner is still holding onto the foot of the right leg, Kurt will use his left leg to kick the knee of his partner to free his trapped leg. Once he gets to side control, he stays low and keeps his feet wide to maintain his base.

Pressure passing has been used for many years, nd it still works very well. If you’re able to generate an immense amount of pressure, it can allow you to control & pass many people’s guard.

– Robert Ezzell, Contributing Writer

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