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Understanding CBD Oil Purity & Why It Matters

CBD Oil Purity

CBD Oil Purity – Why It Matters

It goes without saying that what we put in our bodies should be clean and pure.

So many CBD oils are being produced now that you MUST be certain that the CBD products you ingest or use topically are sourced from the highest quality US Grown Hemp and processed in the cleanest of conditions.

Bad growing conditions lead to insect infestations as well as contamination from pesticides. Poor nutrients can result in less potent CBD.

With everything else done correctly, the extraction process is the critical step in producing superior CBD Oil.

CBD Oil Purity Receptra Naturals

Try CBD Oil from Receptra Naturals

There are several methods of extraction in use and that greatly affects the purity of the oil as well as the color and taste of the CBD oil.

Ethanol extraction is the best process.

Receptra Naturals CBD Oil is lab tested by 3rd party facilities to ensure the oil YOU TAKE will be clean, clear, free of contaminants. 

Receptra CBD uses only Colorado hemp grown on family farms that use 100% organic growing practices.

No junk in Receptra Oils. They are extracted from the hemp flower (no stems, seeds, or stalks).

They show you the quality with third-party tested, results posted online.

Receptra CBD oils ship to all 50 states.

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