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Pain Management with CBD Oil


CBD oil for pain

That’s me, second from right – we call this “Welcoming the New Guy to Jiu Jitsu” (He survived!) 🙂

With the legalization in all 50 states for the sale of Hemp CBD products, you have most likely have heard conversations either starting or ending with the suggestion that those who suffer from chronic pain can use CBD oil for pain management to help in some way. People are excited about legal CBD. Many of them have tried it while in states where CBD is legal and found it to be of great benefit for their health.

It’s true .. CBD for pain management is reported to deliver some great results and many swear by it.
For those that have not tried it, the question remains … How to use CBD oil for pain?

Hemp CBD Oil Tincture, CBD Oil For Pain

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My passion at 62 years of age is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s a demanding martial art that can wreck you. At my age it may very well end me, but I’ll die happy! Practice sessions left me aching and I took something over the counter for pain almost every night. CBD was not very common or available many places just a couple of years ago.

My training partners were all comparing their injuries one night and one suggested that CBD was really helping him. He gave me some in a small bottle and I tried it later that night before bed. This particular oil was not lab tested and was somewhat crude but you have to remember that 2 years ago in the CBD world is like the Stone Age.

It was no where near the potency of the Lab Tested Receptra Naturals CBD oils you will find on this website.

Topical CBD Cream for Pain

Try Topical CBD Lotion For Pain

I took a dropper full of that crude greenish CBD oil when I got home that night and held it under my tongue. The taste was not at all unpleasant and I swallowed it after a couple of minutes. I have to say that my sleep that night was among the best I can recall. I didn’t hurt and I felt very relaxed. The only difference was the CBD Oil.

For me the effect was immediate. For some of my friends it took a few days for it to build up, then they too reported relief. For one, sadly he said he felt no benefit. He was one in 9. All the rest found that CBD oil taken sublingually was of benefit to them.

Many say that CBD helps with anxiety. I’m not anxious so I can’t speak to that directly, however some friends that compete say that it calms them down and helps them relax before competition.

Today’s CBD Oil is of the highest purity you can find. It is so much more potent than the CBD oils and creams of yesterday.


I want to make that very clear and suggest that you try CBD for a month to see if it benefits you. 

If it does, GREAT – you are among the many that can benefit. If not, then at least you tried it!

I use Receptra CBD oil daily. I believe its made a huge difference in my health – what can it do for you?

Written by: Bob Bryant, Contributing Editor.