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CBD Oil For Pets

CBD Oil For Pets

CBD Oil For Pets

Our precious pets suffer from many of the same things that humans do as they get older.

Animals are no stranger to arthritis, tendon, and ligament injuries.

In the photo above, left to right, are Military Working Dog Oreo and Military Working Dog Nora.

Oreo served in Iraq detecting explosives and Nora protected the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot in Oceanside.

While both have now passed away, they are a testament for the worth of CBD Oil use in animals. We believe they enjoyed a more pain free life as a result of CBD. On days when the CBD Oil ran out they did not sleep as soundly and were restless.

Receptra, CBD oil for pets

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Oreo was 8 when he arrived in our care. Nora was almost 12. Both dogs suffered from joint disease from the rigors of their work. 

We initially started both working dogs on high quality joint supplements and they showed improvement after two weeks. They had more energy but still seemed to struggle to get up at times.

Incorporating CBD Oil into their daily regimen we found that they seemed to rest longer and sleep more deeply. They also wanted to do more of something they loved… PLAY!

Oreo found his legs again and was chasing balls and swimming like a pro. Nora seemed so much more alert and could get up easily. The introduction of CBD in their diet was the only difference.

You have to be careful what kind of CBD you give a dog.  ANY CBD product with more than a minute amount of THC can seriously affect their health.

Lab tested CBD Hemp Oils are a MUST for both Pets AND Humans.

You want to be SURE there are no toxins, pesticides, contaminants, etc. PURE is the operative word. 

We tried a number of oils yet found that the best results and cost vs performance was with Receptra Pet CBD Oil. It’s very affordable and seemed to provide great relief for these two working dogs.

Other dogs in our care also receive Receptra Pet Product and we honestly feel it makes a huge difference in their vitality, drive, and overall health.

Try Receptra Pet for a month and see if it helps your pet thrive! It is used on both Dogs, Cats, and Large Animals.

Submitted by: Bob Bryant, MissionK9Rescue